Rosa Mei Cie 13- Fender Bender 

Choreography/Concept: Rosa Mei

Creative Dancer: Aslı Öztürk 

Sound Artist: JeanFrançois Blanquet 

FENDER BENDER: studies in twin reverb 

Fender Bender: a collision bet
ween motor vehicles that produces minor damage. 
Fender bender: a natural event, occurrence, happening or accident. 

guo-100-2 med

In her newest dance piece, Rosa Mei plays with the notion of twin reverb. 

The twins in this case are not identical dancers but rather a dancer and an invisible, yet tangible partner - a constantly morphing sound element - which co-exists with the dancer as a live performer. Experimental sound artist JeanFrançois Blanquet will create a highly sensitive, viscous sound environment through which Turkish dancer Asli Ozturk travels. 

The title of the piece refers to the Fender twin reverb system (for sound amplification), as well as the idea of collisions in space between the dancer's body, textured surfaces and points in space. The dancer's movement will in fact "bend" the sound. Sound artist JeanFrançois Blanquet conceives of sound as a live object, something that is constantly shifting in form and function. It can be syrupy and shape-shifting or fizzle and attack like drops of water in hot oil. 



© Aslı Öztürk 2012