Gomidas'la Yolculuk

Gomidas'la Yolculuk / Dans ve Doğaçlama

19. yüzyılın başında İstanbul ve Anadolu'yu karış karış dolaşarak, bölgesel halk ezgilerini ilk derleyen, kayıt altına alan etnomüzikolog ermeni müzisyen Gomidas(1869-1935), kompozisyon, yorum, eğitmenlik, koro şefliği gibi, müzik dünyasında geniş bir alana yayılan çalışmalarıyla ortak müzik tarihimize çok önemli kalıcı eserler bırakmıştır.Ayşe Tütüncü'nün düzenlemeleri ve piyanosu, Melikcan Zaman'ın kemanı ve Sıla Gerbağa'nın flüdüne, hareket ve doğaçlamalarıyla Çıplak Ayaklar Kumpanyası eşlik ediyor.

Piyano: Ayşe Tütüncü
Keman: Melikcan Zaman
Flüt: Sıla Gerbağa

Dansçılar: Aslı Öztürk/ Büşra Firidin, Duygu Güngör, Mihran Tomasyan

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A Journey with Gomidas / dance and improvisation

In 2010, Anadolu Kültür has organized a series of activities in memory of Gomidas's 140th birthday and 75th anniversaryof his death in the framework of 2010 İstanbul European Capital of Culture and İstanbulahay Projects. This occasion that brings Ayşe Tütüncü, Sıla Gerbağa, Melikcan Zaman and Çıplak Ayaklar Kumpanyası together has led to the performance titled “A Journey with Gomidas”

Gomidas (1869-1935), a well known Armenian musician, is the first ethnomusicologist who compiled and recorded countless local folkloric melodies while traveling zealously 
through Istanbul and Anatolia. Gomidas left various long-lasting works to our collective 
culture pursuing a versatile career as a composer, performer, trainer, and conductor. 

“A Journey with Gomidas” is a show where music, dance and improvisation come 
together and where performers flow with the feeling of the moment. The musicians 
have made use of various methods, including approaching a song, settling in it, then 
flying away from it; sometimes staying loyal to original pieces, sometimes extending 
them with additional parts, and sometimes keeping those in the sacks and taking the 
paths they offer. Themes like 'feeling fragmented', 'uneasiness', 'journey', 'insanity', 
along with many photos, pictures, envelopes have been the starting points for 

To experience how melodies which are being improvised are turned into an 
expression of movement in the bodies of the dancers, and to imagine how this 
expression creates a visual association in the minds of the audience have been the 
most exciting elements of this show. 

We will be watching, listening to and sharing this experience all together. 
Ayşe Tütüncü's arrangements and piano meet Melikcan Zaman's violin, Sıla 
Gerbağa's base flute, and Çıplak Ayaklar Kumpanyası's movements and improvisations. 

"The dancers were collecting the pictures spread on the ground and reconstructing the life for the future. Indeed, those pictures were describing ways to start a new life. They were the reunion of torn apart strings, the attempt to make life bearable again. By recolouring the mankind's effort to resurrect from death, we can be assured that life is stronger and larger than suffering, disasters, and death."

Above quotation is taken from Poet Sako Arian's letter which he has written after the piece was staged in Armenia. 

© Aslı Öztürk 2012